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Creating a diorite vase with the use of ancient technologies

ANTROPOGENEZ.RU team with Olga Vdovina, a sculptor, in the front is taking a challenge to make “an impossible artifact” — a vase of diorite, one of the hardest rocks, using primitive tools.

Hello! This is the team of ANTROPOGENEZ.RU. Probably, you are already acquainted with our educational projects. The most renowned one is the series of scientific and educational forums Scientists Against Myths which gathers over 1000 visitors in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Besides, we have released several 3D computer-animated short films devoted to human evolution. By the way, educational cartoons for children were crowdfunded here, at planeta.ru. The first episode has already been released, the second one is currently in production.

Also, we reconstruct ancient technologies. Participants of our project demonstrate how ancients could drill granite, carve pictures in hard rocks, and make intricately shaped objects without modern technologies, magic, or help from aliens.

Recently, Olga Vdovina, a sculptor and our colleague, accomplished a great deed, having made a stone bird-shaped vessel using ancient technologies.

She didn’t use any metal tools but only flint, bone, wood, sand, and her talent.

But our audience want more, and so they say: “The stone was rather soft, it was marble breccia. Dare to make something like this of diorite, one of the hardest rocks!

We dare. And invite you to take part in an experiment on making a vase of diorite with the use of ancient technologies. Why a vase of all vessels? In our group in VKontakte, we launched a special opinion poll on what the audience would like to be made in the next experiment, and the vase has won by a substantial margin. Well, challenge accepted! And Olga is now preparing for this long and hard work.

This will be a serious task. The previous vessel made of much softer stone took Olga more than 7 months of working 6 to 8 hours 5 days a week. Besides, this time we will need to:

– rent a workshop;

– purchase consumables;

– organize video shooting;

– (ideally) organize online broadcasting from the workshop during the whole experiment to let everyone interested follow the process.

Besides, during this period Olga will have to get by on something and to feed her family. The experiment will take her all the time available and will last at least for half a year.

That is why we announce a crowdfunding campaign and invite you to back our team. Make your contribution into a list of victories of enlightenment over obscurantism!

Are you in doubt that the experiment will be a success? Do you think that the ancients COULD NOT? The specifics of this particular experiment is that the result is not known in advance. We are taking this risk consciously, because without such experiments the aggressive ignorance will triumph. Olga will be assisted by experienced archaeotechnicians and experimentalists, Egyptologists, and other experts of the educational forum Scientists Against Myths. We believe in the strength of our team and into Olga’s talent, skill, and will.

To help us, transfer any sum of money for the project or choose some of our special rewards. May the Force of the true science be with us!

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