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A Competent Perspective on Human Evolution

Antropogenez.Ru is the most popular of the Russian-speaking platforms dedicated to human evolution. Although we appeal to a wide audience of more than a 3000 unique daily visitors, the goals we set are no joke. Simply put, we strive to:

  • deliver top-notch public-oriented content that would systematically cover the  subject of human evolution including the most recent progress in anthropology and closely related fields of study such as archaeology, paleogenetics, primatology, etc.
  • Debunk commonly held myths and misconceptions put forth by certain interest groups with anti-scientific agenda.
  • Draw attention of the public to the challenges modern science is faced with.

You will find no superficial journalism here but real science explained by real scientists. Our contributors are experts in human evolution who are eminent in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, genetics, and paleontology. And since this is a non-commercial project, the only advertising on the portal is provided to other reputable scientific resources and institutions and is granted free of charge.

Among other things, the website features a constantly growing inventory of paleoanthropological
findings boasting over 200 sites and 300 fossils to date as well as peer-reviewed articles, videos and even an interactive paleoanthropological map that uses Google's most up-to-date mapping technology.

This website was created and is maintained under the guidance of its editor, Alexander Sokolov. Our scientific editor is Stanislav Drobyshevskiy, Associate Professor at Moscow State University.

We truly hope you enjoy what we have to offer. We would also love to hear from you so please drop us a line at E-mail: info(at)antropogenez.ru


Русское духовенство выступало с критикой гелиоцентрической системы мира вплоть до начала XX века. До 1815 года c одобрения цензуры издавалось школьное пособие «Разрушение коперниковской системы», в котором автор называл гелиоцентрическую систему «ложной системой философической» и «возмутительным мнением». Последним произведением, в котором критиковалась гелиоцентрическая система, стала вышедшая в 1914 году книга священника Иова Немцева «Круг земли неподвижен, а солнце ходит». Автор «опровергал» систему Коперника цитатами из Библии и творений отцов Церкви.

Райков Б.Е. Очерки по истории гелиоцентрического мировоззрения в России. Л., 1947. c. 364.

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